Testing SSR expansion boards

Could anyone suggest the best way to test the SSR without connecting it all up to the fridge. I have them connected to the brew Pi and all sensors are seen in the device list but, when i set a fridge temp setting the cooler SSR does not switch on.

Do the SSR’s need to have 240v side connected to work correctly?


They don’t need the 240V connected to test. You can very simply test an SSR (with DC input) by connecting a battery across the terminals and the light should come on as long as you get the polarity correct. Are you connecting to the SSR expansion board via Onewire? The board has LED’s that should be on when it’s powered and one LED that goes on and off when the SSR is switched. (or at least my version does.)

You can also uninstall them and reinstall them as manual actuator.
Then you can toggle them in the device manager.

Thanks for the reply @Brewer, That’s what I thought, I have connected the Expansion Board using the 1wire and can see the SSR/A and B in the Brewpi config.

@Elco, I’ll give that a try when I get home from work and let you know. I assume that the SSR does not need to be connected to the expansion card for the red LED to come on on the card?

Thanks Guys


Your assumption is correct.

ok this does not make sense, but I accept that it is now working.

Your infulence @Elco is the same as me when working with IT equipment for my employer. after change the system to manual and switching on and off all worked.

I then reconnected the ssr and tested again,.,all worked.

So now I set up the SSR/A as cooler and guess what is turns on when cooling and turns off when idle.

I’ll now set it up on the fridge an duo a full test.