Thermostat bypass

Hi, I have been watching this project for a while and following its development. I finally got hold of a second hand fridge a couple of days ago. I opened the thermostat and was hoping the find the usual live/neutral cables but found a lot of them. The actual thermostat shows 4 connections: earth + 3 cables (grey, brown and white). I have dismantled the thermostat and I can see the letter C (for the white cable), H (brown) and L (grey). Can anyone help confirm that I should:
a) connect the grey cables to the lamp as per original clip
b) connect the grey and brown cables together
c) what do I do with the white and earth cables?
Thanks in advance!

A picture would be good, but from what I read probably looks a bit like this.

I connected the Grey and Brown so that the door switch still works for the fridge light.
The White one you can just leave as is, because you will cut this cable in the other end and connect to the fridge SSR.
Verify with a multimeter !!