Thinking outside of the Box of just Brewing


While I do like brews, and we have some good ones here in Arizona. My passion is reptiles.

I do have some tech skills, most of it is modifying and I did help with a remote sense system called GatorSense. But I did not do much of the software or tech stuff, just modified it and put it all together, made it gator proof then deployed it.

I really like this product, and I really like the concept behind the evolution of it. I would like to configure it for reptile temp control, or at least just temp monitoring for remote viewing. So I would like to know if:

  1. Can I control and rename multiple cages or incubators. If I have to buy multiple units that is fine, how many could I control with one unit?
  2. Web interface on external site. I have a website in the works, so how hard is it to emit this data to that site for external reading?

The PWM might need to be tweaked, or just changed to On/Off for my heaters, they range from 200w radiant panels to 45w. I currently run them off a system I built using a STC 1000 unit. But its bulky, offers no tracking/log, and no external web access.

This said, there is a demand for this type of product in the community. Some keepers have 100s of $1000 in animals and caging. A remote access into temps and controls would work nicely. We have to rely on bad tech, really expensive tech, or DIY tech for thermal control.

Peace :smile:
Big Jon