Tighten up my temperature


I have been running with the system for quite a while now and was wondering if there was a way for me to tighten the temperature swing at the beginning of my ferment. As you can see in the pictures it is not a major swing but after a few days it settles and stays pretty close to the temp line I have set. I have not messed with anything just using it straight out of the box software wise and have no idea of what to change where? Or if this is normal and I should leave well alone?

Step 1: update to the latest version.
Step 2: run for a while on the latest version
Step 3: share the settings and graph of the PID block. The expanded settings.

Can tell you much based on this graph. I need the internals of the PID.

Thanks Elco about to cold crash this beer so will start another in about a week and will export all you have suggested. My beers turn out fine just interested really to see if I can get the fridge performing to its optimum. I don’t see this as a problem just interested in the tweaking process.