Tilt -> Brewblox -> Brewfather?

My brewblox successfully logs fermentation data from the Tilt Hydrometer, and it works great! However, I also use Brewfather to log the same data, and was wondering if anyone has figured out a way to send the data from ‘Blox’ to ‘Father’. I still use the ‘old smartphone’ method to connect the Tilt to wifi, and have now burned through two devices. It seems silly to setup a TiltPi when I already have a Pi that is already receiving the data stream. Any suggestions are appreciated!

Hi Aaron,

I made something very simple a couple of years ago that does this, but I’m not using Brewfather myself anymore (decided to stick with Beersmith), so I’m not sure if it’s still working.

Assuming the API’s are still the same, it should still work: GitHub - robvdw2/brewblox_to_brewfather

About that… Right now it works, but while Elco was otherwise busy, I implemented a replacement for InfluxDB. This includes breaking changes to the API.

It’ll be the same kind of query, but to a different endpoint, and with somewhat different output.

@Aaron_Bandler Brewfather support is currently in the works as third party plugin at GitHub - fdewasmes/brewblox-brewfather-service, thanks to @Fabrice_Dewasmes.

That is awesome! Thanks guys. I will follow along and test out the Brewfather plug-in as it progresses. It looks like it’s mostly focused on automating mash steps currently. Is it capable of passing Tilt data back to Brewblox at present?

Brewblox or Brewfather?

I’m not aware of any plans to use Tilt values as Brewblox input - a battery powered bluetooth device is too unreliable.

I don’t think the brewfather service supports Tilt data, and I can provide a definite answer on long-term planning there either.

An update to robvdw’s script seems like relatively little effort. I’ll put it on the “filler tasks” list.

The batteries last long enough for a fermentation. We can support it in the future. Especially when we can have a direct connection between Spark 4 and Tilt over Bluetooth.


sorry guys, missed the question.
@Bob_Steers Tilt is reliable. I’ve been using it for quite some time now. I’m using a simple raspberrypi-zerow to transmit the value over wifi to brewfather.
As the Spark 4 seems to support bluetooth, I’d recommend having the values flow from the tilt to the spark 4 and have another spark plugin transmit the values to HTTP endpoint (brewfather or any other third party). This is what the TILT-provided bluetooth-wifi bridge does.
Another way to do it (but I wouldn’t recommend it) is to have the values flow to Brewfather as you do with the TILT raspi bridge and have regular updates from brewfather to brewblox server but that seems crazy :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

For the moment I only developed mash automation. For sparge, I’m not sure we could automate anything. For boil, I am lacking use cases to make progress:

  • I get the boil duration from the Brewfather recipe as well as hop addition steps. What I can do is start and end boil fairly simply. Would that be sufficient?
  • What about transfer to fermenter? I guess we could regulate flow speed based on plate chiller output temperature. Would that make sense?