Timed Switch to trigger SSR

Hi all,

Is it possible to trigger an SSR with a Time switch? Does brewpi have such a time switch implemented?

I use conicals to ferment my beer. I can preassurize these conicals so I am looking for a way to triger an SSR to close a magnetic valve so the beer carbonates.

I would use a time switch which triggers the SSR after a defined period of time or at a specific point in time to lose a magnetic valve.
Excample: Brewday Saturday, Valve closure time 4 Days later (Wed)

Does anyone know an alternative?
Is this interessting for some one else?
Is this applicable some where else?

Cheers Robert

Robert I am not sure you would want to do that at a specific time since you really would want to know and base time to carb off of FG and not simply carb at x-days.

I do not know of anything currently that would allow that with the Pi, however it wouldn’t be a huge stretch I think to adapt the mashing code to do something like this. I again don’t think just doing a carb cycle without measuring FG is the way to go here, but rather a manual start and run for a duration (hit start countdown starts).

I would also be curious to how much pressure your conicals can handle safely. I know the 1/2 barrels I have will only hold to 5 PSI which is really only good for pushing from conical to keg.


Hi Stephen,

Sorry, asking a Question with just half the info makes it hard for you to get the picture. I use a Bung Valve (see picture, left side) to ajust the preassure in the Conical.
After the Mainfermentation is nearly over i would like to close the Conical with a Magnetic valve. The preassure will be regulated by the Bung Valve.
Until now i use the manual valve (right side on Picture, with blue Handle [CIP-inlet]), but since i am too far away during the week I am too far away to close the valve by myselfe i have to ask some one to close it. To make the Fermentation process totally independend of some other persons help I want to use a Timer/ Counter or Script to check wether a specific time elapsed or a specific date is passed so a SSR Triggers the Magnetic Valve.

Does this Answer help?

Cheers Robert