Touchscreen Moutning

Hi everyone,

I’d like to mount the brewpi touchscreen on my refrigerator, but the whole brewpi itself is a bit bulky to have sticking out with wires etc. so I’m hoping someone is able to help with the below questions.

Does anyone know what I would need by way of wire to connect the touchscreen to the brew at a distance of say six inches? Even three would be enough.

Does anyone have any recommendations on mounting hardware for the screen itself?

Thank you in advance,


I think this would be hard to do.

The touch screen connector is 14 pins on one side and 4 on the other. Not all pins are essential, but it is a lot of wires.
The touch screen also has 14mm pins soldered too it.

I think an easier approach would be to connect a screen to the raspberry pi and display a custom web interface on it. Then you can just use a standard cable.

Or even simpler: an old phone, connecting to the pi over WiFi.