Traceback - Beer Name

Hello, all. I am having an issue. This morning I tried to start logging a new brew but after naming it and clicking start it failed to find the profile and keeps logging the stderr below. I don’t know how to reset. Please help me if you can, I am not a very technical person but learning on the fly.



Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/home/brewpi/”, line 382, in
File “/home/brewpi/”, line 259, in startBeer
File “/home/brewpi/”, line 109, in newEmptyFile
jsonFile = open(jsonFileName, “w”)
IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/home/brewpi/data/American Pale Ale 1/12/2015/American Pale Ale 1/12/2015-2015-01-12.json’
Jan 12 2015 12:05:04 Notification: Script started for beer ‘American Pale Ale 1/12/2015’

I do not currently have this system, but I would venture to guess that it has to do with the "/"s in the name. Try taking these out and using a different way to signify the date. Try 1_12_2015 or 12Jan2015.

Thanks, that’s what I figured happened but I don’t know how to stop it now that this error is rolling along. The message above displays every minute. I guess I’ll need to reboot the arduino for it to reset?

This bug was fixed in April 2014:

You should do two things:

  • Update your BrewPi by running our update script
  • Manually edit /home/brewpi/settings/config.cfg:
    sudo -u brewpi nano /home/brewpi/settings/config.cfg
    to change the beer name to something without the slashes. For example: beerName = temp

The script will then be able to restart and you can give you beer any name you like.