Trouble during brewblox set up

Hi guys,
Trying to set up the Brewblox for the first time and going through the user guide on brewblox website. I made it to step 7 without any difficulty. But after running brewblox -ctl up there were multiple errors and it said “consider setting COMPOSE_HTTP_TIMEOUT to a higher value”

I was wondering what would be the best plan to move forward. How do I set to a higher value?

What were those multiple errors?
You may want to try first rebooting your Pi, this often solves initial issues with Docker.

If the issue persists, you can set the timeout by running this command in your brewblox dir:

dotenv --quote never set COMPOSE_HTTP_TIMEOUT 200

But why is this needed and what is the default value?

Docker occasionally is sloooooow, especially just after install. Edited original answer to recommend first trying to resolve underlying issues.

Default value is 60 (seconds)

Thanks. So, change value to 200, then reboot, then brewblox-ctl up?

Sure. If you still have errors, please post them here.

This solved the brewblox-ctl up problem I was having. Thank you. Now onto Fermentation Wizard Town!

Thanks !

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OK. I was able to set up a new dashboard. Both sensors and both actuators are functioning/reading normally. However, I have “no data sources” on my graph. Any ideas?brewblox-2.log (151.1 KB)

Edit: Working fine on Google Chrome. I typically use Safari.