Trying to get a feel for BrewBlox without a Spark

I just ran a fresh install of BrewBlox on my Pi 3B+, but I got stuck on the part where I flash my Spark. The main problem is that I don’t have a Spark yet, I’m just trying to play with the interface right now and get a good idea of what I’m doing. Is it possible to run the web interface without a Spark?

Yes, the UI will work without any connected spark services.

We’re also working on making our firmware simulator compatible with the Pi. I’ll have look at whether I can get a preview version to build.

Hi there. I am new here. But in line with the original question. Is it at all possible to run without a physical Spark.
I just would like to control a fermentation fridge directly from a Pi with BrewBlox but without extra addon hardware.
Does BrewBlox accommodate for that.
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Short answer: no, unless you’re willing to write parts of it yourself.

Long answer: It was a very intentional design choice to use dedicated hardware for the actual controller (the Spark). This significantly improves reliability, and lets us provide plug-n-play ports for actuators and sensors.

One alternative is to use your own control software, and sync values with mock blocks on a Spark simulator. Elco currently does this to control his custom valves.

This would require you to write your own implementation for sensors and actuators, and then hook that up to brewblox.