Tubular Heater NL

Anyone know somewhere I can get one of the tubular heaters? I only seem to find them in the UK and then postage is pretty high.

What country are you in? I am in New Zealand and brought a few back from the UK last time I was there.

Hi Dan, sorry NL is short for Netherlands, thanks though.
I might have to wait till my trip at the end of Oct to get one while there.

Managed to find one Elektronicatekoop.nl if anyone else is looking.

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Iā€™d love to find one in the US. I like the form factor.

This gives me a couple of ideas. Smaller ones are 100 watts. Is that enough to make a difference?


100w would be more than enough for what I need - however this one still needs an enclosure where the European tubular heaters are plug and play. Not really sure why they are not available here.