Tuning to address over shooting beer temp

I have been working on tuning my BrewBlox and seem to have made it a bit worse. I am using a chest freezer and a 100w reptile ceramic heater and testing with ~4 gallons of water with the probe in a thermowell in the center. The fridge sensor is suspended in the middle of the container. I seem to be overshooting fairly a bit (worst case was +1.3 degrees). I have reduced the period for the heat PWM and tweaked Kp, Ti, and Td based on other threads. I may reset back to defaults and try again, but any recommendations on what to focus on?

  1. Run the latest firmware.
  2. I think it would be best to remove all blocks and run the fermentation wizard again. We changed it to directly act on beer temp instead of indirectly through managing the fridge temp. It is easier to understand and works well. As a bonus, you’ll get a nice dashboard.