Tuning? Unexpected Results / Setpoints

This is an Arduino/RPi3 setup running Legacy/2.10. It’s a kegerator with a 60w light bulb in a paint can for a heater. All of the settings are out of the box. The beer sensor is in a 1/2 gallon jug of water adjacent to/in contact with the fermentation vessel as I don’t have a thermowell yet. The Fridge temp sensor is about halfway up in the fridge in height, in the back towards the coil but in free air and not supported by the coil in any way - it is being supported about 2" back from the metal portion of the probe. I have a small fan running 100% inside the fridge.

This has been running a day and the temp has settled in where I expect/wanted it to be at 68°F. The swings seem to be ±0.1°F which is plenty close for the folks I run with.

My question I guess is twofold: Does this look “healthy”, and then second, why is the setpoint/temp of the fridge so much lower than that of the beer in order to maintain temp? This is not an active ferment, the yeast is settling and the temp sensor is not in the fermentor anyway.

Maybe this is just a new parent worried about nothing. In that case a sanity check is all that’s needed. :blush:

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