Two fermentation temps

Jus got my BrewPi up and running. Thanks for the guides they were spot on. I’d like to control two 6.5 gals fermentations bottles using a fermwrap around each. The fridge is already controlled by my old STC.

Is this possible yet and if not does anyone have some advice?

This is not possible yet. Because I started BrewPi as a hobby project to control my single beer fridge, I made a few design choices in the code that make this difficult. But we do have plans to change this.
We now have a beer and a fridge temperature, and the two are coupled and actuators are driven taking both temperatures into account.

We will transform the software to be multi-PID: you can define as many PIDs as you want and they can take their input from temperature sensors or even other PIDs (for cascaded control similar to the current algorithm).

On the short term, I will add PWM heaters to the current algorithm, which allow direct beer heating (without driving fridge temperature) and will make the current algorithm work for mashing.
But to support controlling multiple beers and logging data for them, we need to also change how we log data and how we graph data, and so on. So this will take a bit more time.
I will announce these plans in more detail when we have them clear internally.

Right now, the best you can do is let BrewPi control the fridge, based on 1 beer. The other beer is along for the ride, but you can monitor it with the room temp sensor.

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Thanks for the reply. Your comments are always helpful and I appreciate you taking the time to answer so many questions on the forums. The great thing about this hobby is that we are all using different setups and there is no one right way to do it. In my case, I’m limited in space and playing around with splitting my Keezer in two sections. One for serving kegs, and the other for fermentation. Balancing the heat and cool will take two control loops and some creative insulation. It may or may not work, but that’s the only corner of the house the wife will let me have.

I’m already loving the web front end. Being able to check the temperature while on vacation has been great.

Can’t wait till the next release!

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