UI and chart data not updating

log file since yesterday at 1 pm the data in the charts in the Brewblox dashboard do not update. The blocks update just fine. I did do a update and upgrade maybe a new version of the files is not compatible? The Brewblox was updated as well to make sure everything is as updated as possible. I am trying to change over my iSpindels from a service to MQTT and have been following the community but it does not work and I am scratching my head. I would like the charts to update again but it is not critical just a great feature.
Any update on the next software change?

It looks like you still have an override for eventbus in your docker-compose.yml file that uses rabbitmq.
We switched to mosquitto as eventbus provider a few months back.

This should be fixed if you run the following commands:

brewblox-ctl service remove -n eventbus
brewblox-ctl service pull eventbus
brewblox-ctl service expose eventbus 1883:1883

This will likely resolve multiple problems you’re having now. Please let us know if some bugs persist.

Excellent and solved me issue. Is there a source of information to understand about the Mosquitto mqtt broker such as port number need of credentials etc. I am trying to get my iSpindels to connect via mqtt which so far is not working

We’re using a relatively vanilla mosquitto configuration:

  • No credentials are set
  • TCP listens on port 1883 (the default)
  • Websockets are enabled and proxied through traefik at /eventbus.

For reference: this is the mosquitto.conf file we use:

port 1883
listener 15675
protocol websockets

The override in your docker-compose.yml file ensures that the eventbus also listens on host port 1883. iSpindel should attempt to contact the host at 1883, with no credentials.

For debugging purposes, I suggest MQTT Explorer.