Understanding blocks

Morning all,

I was hoping someone could help me understand some of the block mentality.

As an example I would like to implement a basic IF statement to control the fridge fan.
IF TempTop > (TempBottom+2)
Actuator = 1
Actuator = 0

Is this possible? I have had a play with the Logic Actuator but don’t really understand how to get sensor data to it.

Relative values (TempBottom + 2) are not yet supported in the logic actuator.

You can get sensor values as input by selecting a Setpoint, and then using its Measured Value.

To improve circulation in a fridge, a common solution is to use

IF ( coolActuator.value OR heatActuator.value )
  FanActuator = 1

Then add a DelayedOFF constraint to FanActuator, to keep blowing for X time after the heat/cool actuator turned off.

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Thank you! I will try this when the current batch is done and I can add the fan relay (currently runs from the fridge motherboard).

For feature suggestions I would love the ability to apply functions to input data.
Eg. Convert battery from voltage to % using a cubic or do comparison equations such as gravity rate of change (dy).

We’re currently building a separate service for the more complicated automated process flows. Applying functions to state/measured values will not be in the initial release, but I’ll make an issue for it.