Understanding Brewfather Integration

I have been looking to set up some sort of Brewfather integration and had an initial go at the 3 options listed here Brewblox - Brewfather - docs but have been unsuccessful so far. I have seen reference to Brewfather in some of the community posts here and not sure of the development status of the 3 options given more recent changes in Brewblox.

Can they all operate alongside each other and do any duplicate each other?

Initially at least my interest is to upload a historic mash and fermentation history to Brewfather batch. And then to log data to Brewfather going forward. Should I be looking to install both the astephon88 and robvdw2 scripts for that?

Regarding mash and fermentation profiles, is it preferable to send these from Brewfather to Brewblox or the other way round?

For practical data uploads, the astephon88 script is the way to go. It is based on the robvdw2 one, and was updated for API changes. As far as I know, the fdewasmes service is not yet finished.

Regarding profiles, it doesn’t matter much. Brewblox needs them to actually control the fermenter, and (I assume) you want to track them in Brewfather. It’s a data conversion either way.

:+1: I have got the astephon88 script working now which will be useful for logging prospectively. I shall have a look at the fdewasmes service next. :pray: