Uninstalling - how to

What would be the most appropriate way to uninstall so I can do a fresh install?

If you want to to an entirely fresh install, just delete:

  • /home/brewpi
  • /var/www/brewpi

Then re-run our install script.

Much appreciated. That works.

I am trying to do this, but I keep getting permission denied error

You are probably logged on as the user "pi. This user does not directly have any admin privileges. The normal way to do something with admin privileges on the pi is to use the “sudo” command. Putting “sudo” in front of a command executes the command with “root” priviliges on linux.

In this instance you want to execute the following commands:

> sudo rm -rf /home/brewpi
> sudo rm -rf /var/www/brewpi

You do not need to be a linux/unix ninja to use brewpi. But a nice hint is to get to know the “man” command which stands for “manual”. Try
> man sudo
> man rm
If you want more info.