Unintentional cold crash

Horrified to see my brewblox had switched to profile (previous brew’s coldcrash at 1c) iso beer temp of 19. Was still in fermentation phase.
I am trying to explain why this happened. At the time it switched to profile I may have viewed the graph on my pc, but it would have been nearly impossible for me to have accidentally clicked the ‘enable profile’ button.

Has anyone else had this? Any way I can check the log for clarification?

I’ve just switched off the control of the fermentation and letting it rise by itself back to 19c. I’ll take it from there and hope we’re OK :sweat_smile:

If you check the graph for the setpoint setting, when did it drop from 19 to 1?

Could you please run brewblox-ctl log?

We don’t yet log all block changes, but I can have a look at whether anything in the log correlates.

It adjusted at precisely 22:20 here. Looks too exact to be a manual thing.

Here is the log: https://termbin.com/4jjg

Thanks Bob! Have a virtual high five for helping so fast.

That’s because it’s not the time of block change, but the time where the published data was averaged by the history database.

It does look like there was a controller power down around that time. In the past, we’ve had some wonkiness with how expired setpoint profiles are handled after a reboot. We’ll have a look at trying to reproduce this behavior there.

I’ve had a similar thing happen in the past, but it set the beer temp to like 45 C.

Was this also temperature reverting to a profile, or came that 45°C out of nowhere?

Oh completely out of nowhere. This was like… 4 years ago? If you go through my post history on here I’m sure I posted about it. Haven’t had any issues since switching to brewblox.