Unstable wifi/ethernet?


I have experienced unstability a few times now. I loose connection to often and are unable to to control my brewery. Sometimes it helps doing a refresh and/or a restart of the system, other times after a restart, the system is unable to restore datastore. Today, I started over from scratch, re-installed brewblox on a new sd-card, flashed spark etc. I think my issues is related to my wifi, so i have tried touse cabled connection insteda of wifi, but seems like maybe the wifi setting are fighting the cabled connection (cabled connection disconnects and reconnects several times, so no luck so far.
Can i disable wifi on the spark 4, and how?

brewblox-logs.json (131 Bytes)

There are a lot of seemingly unprompted container restarts. Are you rebooting the Pi there?

I believe the more convenient “wipe all wifi credentials” is part of the changes for next patch. The next best thing is to wipe and re-flash the entire Spark.

To do this, connect the Spark to USB, and run:

. .venv/bin/activate
python3 -m pip install esptool
sudo -E env "PATH=$PATH" esptool.py erase_flash
brewblox-ctl flash

This will wipe absolutely everything (firmware, stored blocks, wifi credentials) from your Spark, and then re-flash the firmware.

Thanks for the quick reply Bob! :slight_smile:
I have rebooted the Pi a number of times, not sure how many though.

I`ll try this tomorrow and hopefully wiping out everything will help me out.