Update Firmware on Spark 4 controller

Hi Bob,

Not sure if my issue on updating the Spark 4 controllers is similar to what HoboStatus is mentioning.

In case i also have to upgrade via USB is there somewhere a good documentation on the “how to”?
I have 4 of them.


The current firmware predates some major changes to the communication protocol. This requires flashing over USB.

The how-to consists of plugging the Spark into the Pi over USB, and running brewblox-ctl flash.

Finally i found out that y recent update problems were the brewblox-ctl couldn’t find the correct files had todo with the specific ipaddresses combined with a subnet mask
That made that the DNS server such as couldn’t be found.
As soon as i installed the more std configuration everything worked fine.
In meantime i could upgrade the brewblox-ctl and the spark4 controllers to the latest version