Update Went Well, But

Getting ready to start brewing again now that people are starting to show back up after the “Pandemic” !!! I saw that there was an update to do. The good news is that “brewblox-ctl update” worked perfectly !! BUT, it looks like I have duplicate control chains again ??

Not sure how this happens, but I remember once before this happened to me.

Can I just delete the right hand chains ??

In Feb 2020, did the same

You may want to check whether the settings on the left-hand side are desired, but yes, you can safely delete the right-hand chain.

It looks like the legitimate output of a wizard, not some config duplication bug.
It may be the result of running the wizard another time, or loading a backup from a state with two fermentation setups.

I didn’t run the wizard after the upgrade, I think this looks better ??

I suspect there’s a Ferment Fridge Setpoint-2 in the second row, third from left, but otherwise this looks like a perfectly normal fridge setup.

Started over, and reran the wizard. Things are back to normal except the display on the Spark is now displaying in DegC. I’m not having much luck changing it to DegF. I’m sure I’m missing something simple…

Admin page → general settings → temperature unit.

Set it there, and the spark display will auto adjust.

Temperature Units was set to F. Toggled to C and back to F and the Spark display went to Deg F. Up and running, Thanks as always for the quick help !!!