Upgrade to RPi2 Model B - communication issue with Arduino

I picked up a the Pi 2 Model B to replace the original Pi I got for my build. The original Pi unit died on me. I have loaded the BrewPi and can access the interface but the Python script isn’t running. There is a communication issue between the Pi and Arduino. The Arduino is an Uno version, last updated in February 2015 before my original Pi died. I have been using as a temp controller worry-free for 6 months without data and WiFi.

Has anyone else experienced this? Need help with a fix.

Can you post the output of:
sudo python /home/brewpi/autoSerial.py

sudo python /home/brewpi/autoSerial.py`


cat /home/brewpi/settings/config.cfg

And any errors that are shown in the logs (accessible via web interface)?

@Elco I helped @chezstgeorge out and looks like there was a permission issue and a time issue on the Pi itself. I corrected both and it seems to be working now.

BTW welcome back I hope Vietnam was awesome!