Upgrading a BrewPi Spark for wifi


I have one of the old/original BrewPi Spark boxes v1 Rev C.

I want to make the unit wifi ready so that I can seperate the unit from the Pi. I gather that I need to upgrade the chip to do this. Could someone point me in the right direction with a part no / supplier and instructions for making the changes?

@Elco doesn’t sell the chips ready to go, does he?


I don’t have Photons in stock anymore.
It’s the top left part here:


It’s a drop in replacement and our firmware will detect that you have a V1 board and configure itself correctly.

Thanks for the quick reply @Elco

Is it just a case of buying a Photon (with headers) opening up the unit and swapping the chips over? No programming or updating of anything? If so, that is great news!

Fingers firmly crossed over here for the October release :pray:


You’ll have to use our FlashDfu script to get our firmware on it of course.

And you’ll want to update the software on the pi to.

Thanks, I thought something might be needed. Cheers also for shipping the stainless fittings I ordered this week so quickly.

The Pi itself is bang up to date as I did a fresh Docker based install last week.

So I just follow the update instructions at the very bottom of this page right? Seems OK.

Do you happen to have any older/used BrewPi units of this age available to sell? I could could really do with a second for my other chamber.