Use theBrewblox 1-Wire and GPIO module as an expansion board

My tanks are big and they will be away from the electric cabinet… More than 2.5m away. Which brings my question.
If it is powered up, may I usee the GPIO module as an expansion board ? Or the other option is to find a 5m long onewire thermometer. But my question is still valid since I may need to put the spark screen far away from the ssr…
I am not sure I am clear. Is the GPIO module able to work away from the main spark module?

The pins are sensitive to timing, so a cable of more than ~20cm will run into issues.
It may be preferable to attach a screen to a Pi, and use that for display purposes while the Spark is mounted close to the tanks.

Hi Bon,
Thanks for the answer.
And is it possible to have extra long onewire thermometer ? About 5m ?

Yes, but you’ll have to extend the cable yourself. You can patch the cable, or get a RJ11 extender at amazon/your local electronics store.

Thanks for the answers