Using 3-way HERMS coil for mash tuns smaller than 70l

Hi all,

I am about to buy a 3-way HERMS coil. I like it because it has 3 coils in parallel. At the moment I have 50l mash tun, but I am planning to pump this to 100L at some point. In the description for the 3-way HERMS coil, it is mentioned that it is designed for mash tuns of 70 liters of capacity. Are there any limitations in terms of the mashing process itself if I use it for smaller mashes?

Thank you

No, not at all. The statement should be interpreted as “if your mash tun is 70L or more, consider the high flow coil instead of the regular one”.

The coil is mounted in the HLT, so mash tun size does not matter. You just need an HLT of 45cm diameter.