Using a DS18S20

I’m building a fermentation chamber, and got everything working… except the temp sensors.
Instead of the “DS18 B 20” sensors, I’m using the “DS18 S 20” type. Got them working on other projects, but I guess the hex file has to be altered to make use of these.

Any chance on finding some help here?

The DS18S20 only has a 0.5 degree resolution, I do not know what that will with the control algorithm.

Given how cheap DS18B20 sensors are, my advice is to just buy those and not waste your time recompiling every time we update.

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I ordered some DS18B20’s the other day, gonna test them tonight.

Thanks for the quick reply and the wonderful work on this project. I’ll keep it in mind when I’m building my HERMS and will quite surely buy the spark edition to control it.