Using BrewPi threaded sensor as thermowell

Hi guys,

I am looking at using the BrewPi threaded sensor with some washers in my Braumeister clone as the temperature sensor.

Can you use this fitting through a thin pot with some sealing washers? It looks like there might not be enough threads.

If not please could you suggest an alternative?


I have designed a longer version, with 60mm probe and a flange to mount it in a wall. Prototype will be made this week.

One with a flange that can be used with your sealing nut would be ideal but 60mm is perhaps too long for my application. I actually need the shortest possible length protruding into the pot as it is mounted from below into the base I cannot risk it being exposed to the air.

Is that 60mm including the threaded body or 60mm of probe sticking beyond the longer thread?

For example here is the BM. The temp sensor is the small brass coloured fitting:


That is 60mm + 10mm thread. So inside the kettle, you would have the locknut (9mm) and then 60mm probe.
How high is your heating element?

Another solution, not very pretty but might work, would be to use the regular sensor in a stainless, high temp proof cable gland.

The stainless gland fitting is what I am looking for now as a fall back, cant find quite the right fitting.

I think your version sounds like a great addition but not what I need for this build. I have some nice long stainless thermowells here actually in the spares box. Shame!

Actually found them…