Using BrewPi with Mac - installation help

Hi guys,
I would like to use BrewPi controller with Mac OS, but there is very little info about installation of the software on that OS. Could you help with installation steps from scratch ? Should I use linux ? I have little knowledge in coding but am willing to learn.
Thanks in advance for your help :slight_smile:

Ok there are no directions I know of specific to OS X, but with some reading you should be able to get the BrewPi web interface up and running.

I would suggest reading up on how to run a web server on OS X and go from there, unfortunately this is going to take a good bit of reading. Some of the concepts may seem odd and not make sense, but this is how we learn. Take the time and really ingest the content and question what things are doing and why. This will make any troubleshooting later much easier as you have a better understanding of what is going on in the system.

This article it’s pretty recent and seems to have some good bits in it to get you headed in the right direction.