Using the Spark offline

Can the Spark be used without the RaspPi? Like a manual mode using the touch screen? I had a recent issue with my internet getting knocked out by lightning in the middle of a ferment. So I couldn’t control the temp of my beer. I tried to use the touch screen but it doesn’t seem to work. Is the screen supposed to be a functional touch screen? It never has worked but hasn’t really been a issue either. Thanks

Bueller?.. Bueller?

We haven’t programmed the popup menu to adjust the temperature from the touch screen yet. It is not a hardware issue, it is just not in the software yet due to lack of time and other priorities.

Ok, so currently the touch screen plays zero roll? And without wifi you are basically screwed?

It can be controlled via USB, but yeah, you’ll control it via the webserver. If you cannot get into the web server, you have a problem.

I am going to work on being able to do more with the touch screen, but I am pressed for time and have not been able to find a developer to expand our team yet.

I understand, I can live with that. I would much rather see multiple chambers before the touch screen was functional. Wish I could help but I don’t know the first thing about this programming.