Valve controller stock


I’ve been looking to buy a couple of BREWPI VALVE CONTROL EXPANSION BOARD’s for a while but they haven’t been in stock.

Any idea when you will have some?


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Hi, I’ve signed the back-in-stock notification at least 6 month ago, and haven’t heard a word.

In march a friend og mine gave me a box with 20 motor valves, so i asked support if it was possible to use them with the controller. Not a word for 8 month.

So i dropped the idea of Brewpi/Brewblox as a reliable foundation for my automation, even though i find it very interesting.

I come back once in a while…


I have posted some info on upcoming hardware here:

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Thanks for the reply. Looking forward to the new hardware… BTW: Maybe you should make a note on the valve board page in the shop.

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The new boards sound great.

At the moment I am driving my brewery off my own software running on raspberrypi and I’m connecting to the valves via 1-wire direct from the raspberrypi.

Hopefully I can use the new boards with my own software.