Version 2 Shield in test mode with core installed

I think I have come across a problem I have my own ver2 shield
with a core installed running 0.2.11 firmware the hardware test doesn’t toggle a0 on or off

however running the same shield with a photon and ver 0.2.11 firmware it works as expected. i.e. you can toggle a0 on and off…

Has anyone else come across this ?

This sounds somewhat similar to the issues I started experiencing on Aug 24, described in the thread entitled “Photon update (0.2.11), Script update (0.3.7)…”.

I updated my stock Spark Core to 0.2.11 on that date and stopped getting the expected behavior out of Controller Pin A0 (Output #3). I do however have the right behavior on the other outputs (both in hardware test mode and in the automated modes).

I see Elco has discovered what it is…

I reported this bug at Particle:

I will fix it in the next release.