Very slow cold crash

Good morning!

I know it’s been warm here in Holland, but my fridge is 2,5 days into cold crash, and it’s gone from 20->8 celcius. Pretty bad. What do you think, fridge dying or software tweak?

Could you please post the graph for your Cool PID? You’d expect a very high (90-100%) achieved output when cold crashing.
If achieved output is lower than expected, it can be tweaked in software. Otherwise it’s more likely to be a cabling or hardware problem.

Thanks Bob. Pwm has been 100% the whole time with the fridge getting power. The fridge is powered, lights on it are functioning however i think it is protecting it’s own compressor. In any case, it used to be okay-ish, but now it’s superslow. I think the fridge is EOL.

If there’s any doubt (I’m not sure how old/used the fridge is), you could remove the SSR from the circuit to check how the fridge works isolated from control wiring.
I would consider that scenario (faulty wiring with a consistent intermittent signal) somewhat unlikely though.

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I was trying to find the setting that protects the compressor, is that the actuator minimum off time?

Yes. You can find it as a setting on the Cool Actuator block. Its effect is already taken into account for the achieved output value of the PID/PWM.

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