Waiting for datastore after upgrade

Hi guys,

I just upgraded to the latest release and seems like the datastore went missing. It’s been in the waiting for datastore state for about 10 minutes or so…any way for me to troubleshoot this? I rebooted and restarted the services both as a start but still no love.

Logs here: https://termbin.com/fjyz
Also attached UI logs in case that’s useful - any help is appreciated! I’m not brewing until next week so I have some time to work on this.

brewblox-logs.json (1.7 KB)

It’s a known bug, and one we tried to fix last patch, but apparently it didn’t take.

The UI logs are rather interesting - there’s a set of errors in there I didn’t expect.
In your browser, could you please open the network tab (ctrl+shift+i -> network tab), reload the page, and export the network requests as HAR file (right click on network tab, save as HAR)?

Ctrl+Shift+i didn’t seem to do anything but when I reloaded the page it came back:

More logs in case you want to inspect it but I’ll keep an eye on it and make sure it’s stable. Thank you for replying and trying to figure it out!

Log export: https://termbin.com/wmixi

UI logs attached…

brewblox-logs.json (2 Bytes)

I had the same issue a few times after changing networks in my pi. I just deleted all my web data and restarted the computer and the brewblow service. All was good. Both times.

Current best guess is that an invalid result got cached for the datastore check.

Are you still seeing the problem after updating to yesterday’s release?

I’m in the middle of CBPI to Brewblox conversion! And 50amp power upgrade.
I’ll let u know in a few days because I will be changing WiFi again!!!

My post was more for applying data to your guys equation!

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Just by way of feedback; I just updated to the latest version and received the same “waiting for datastore” error. I rebooted the pi, ran “brewblox-ctl up” command and everything came back fine after that. I did just change the network settings since I got a new router for the house.

I always just give it a quick refresh of the webpage and every time it goes awau

I tried that too, I even cleared my browser history…Always a good idea just in general…:-)…and it didn’t work. Next time just for fun if it happens again, I’ll not reboot the pi and just run the “brewblox-ctl up” command and see if that fixes it - I feel like some service I’m not aware of just doesn’t start after an update.

You can check status of all services by running docker-compose ps in your brewblox dir.

I’ll make an issue to improve feedback when unable to connect to datastore. It seems like some moving parts are interacting badly on startup.

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