Web UI unresponsive

Hey guys,

Complete NOOB here so forgive any miss typed or incorrect phrases.

I’ve had my setup for over a year now and i’m still struggling to get things working.

My set up:

  • Rpi 2b - Raspian Jessie version 8, with the EDIMAX wifi dongle
  • BrewPi V2 Spark Photon - 0.4.4
  • Separate power sources for both units and connected to each other with USB cable
  • connected over wifi via ssh using a Mac and ipad

All hacked up to a fridge fine, i’ve even had one successful brew with amazing accuracy on the temp control!

The current issue:

About 5 months ago when opening the Web UI, i noticed the temp graphs were not showing on screen and then after about 20 seconds everything froze up. i cant adjust temp or switch between fridge modes or select maintenance panel etc. then the screen goes blank and gives me an unresponsive website message (see pics below)

I close the window and re open and the same thing happens. I tried viewing it in safari instead of chrome and the same thing happens, i get a few seconds where i can change the fridge temp before it all freezes up on me.

I tried the following updates: 1) apt-get update 2) dist-upgrade 3) brewpi tools update

Same problem still happens, has anyone else had this issue/ know how to fix it?

I have tried googling the problem but cant find anyone with the same issue.

I must also add that i am a complete computer dumb ass. Any help would be greatly appreciated


You are still on ‘My First BrewPi Run’, which has accumulated 5 months of data now. Displaying the graph for that is a huge amount of data and why the UI is unresponsive.

Click on ‘My First BrewPi Run’ and start a new brew. You should do that for every beer you brew.
You can find previous beers under the maintenance panel.

Duh, knew it would be something simple! I’ll give that shot this weekend and see how things go.
Cheers Elco. Nice work with this device by the way.

I am having the same issue. I have changed the brew names with each new brew. My current brew has been in for about 6 weeks. I am doing a lager using a brew profile. The profile worked flawlessly. I have changed the data collection interval to 2 minutes.

I am using the same hardware as this poster.

Is there something I can do to reduce the time it takes the web ui takes to load?

The issue is mostly related on the device you use to view, not the server.

So what kind of laptop and browser do you use?

PS I am aware of the issue and am looking at options to not render all the data, but scale the interval between points depending on the zoom level.

I use couple of different devices. I have a monitor and keyboard on my pi and access the page directly from the pi. I also use a window 10 laptop, a surface running windows, I also use my iPhone 7 using safari. On the windows machines I use Chrome and Chromium on the pi.

I just changed the brew name and the surface is responding well. I think for long fermentation time, I am happy with less data points.

If I used a more powerful computer would it help. I have an old mini desktop that I was considering setting up for the web server instead of the pi.

Thanks for the support. I enjoy showing the web interface to my friends. It is also nice to be able to monitor and change the temp when I am traveling