Well finally got BrewPi up and running, and

I am very impressed. I work with electronics and electrical, and its very well built actually. I do not do much coding, but I do work best with command terminals, so it was easy to navigate once I got back into the swing. As mentioned before, I am not using this to brew anything(yet), but for temp control for reptiles.

I did not have time to set it up for my actual incubator in time, so I am just using it to monitor and chart temps. Its controller by an off the shelf PID controller. I have a smaller incubator that I am going to try it out in though once I get time to reconfigure it.

I am also impressed with the Photon, and I like the concept of cloud control. This is very hot right now, and its kinda ironic to watch computers migrate from Terminal server control desktops, to PC desktops, now back to Cloud desktops.

Will this product ever run fully off the cloud?

The reason we’re not running through the Particle cloud, is that it is pretty restrictive in what kind of data you can log. It only supports INT, DOUBLE and STRING.

On top of that, including the cloud API made the firmware too big to run on the Core. On the Photon it would fit though.

I do think that in the future we will support running the web interface in our own cloud, instead of locally. But that’s ‘some day’ stuff, not a short term goal. For user friendliness, it would be great though.

Makes sense, Function over Form is always preferred.