We're hiring! Looking for a front-end web developer for a Brewing UI (JavaScript)

Originally published at: https://www.brewpi.com/hiring-looking-for-front-end-developer-brewing-ui-javascript/

(Dutch version below) To speed up development of our new brewing dashboard, we’re looking for a developer to expand our team. What you’ll be working on A new control center for brewing. Our brewing application consists of 3 layers: The hardware runs our firmware for temperature control (C++) The web server runs services for device discovery, data…


Why React/Redux? Native English, But also Flemish speaker so may apply, just curious on the chosen direction?

I evaluated angular and react.js and react seemed to fit better. I made a prototype with React and it worked well with the app requirements.

Recently @mdma brought Vue.js to my attention, combined with Vuex it might offer a similar experience.
The things I liked from React/Redux: One way data binding, async behavior with sagas, modular components and only re-rendering what is needed automatically.

If you think there’s a better choice than React, feel free to speak up. It’s not set in stone.

I would say Vue.js offers everything on that bullet list, and is gaining a bit more traction than react.js

We recently transitioned our platform at work from Angular to React, with Redux. It takes a bit to get going, but the modular approach and separation of concerns making it very productive once you get the framework in place.

I haven’t looked at Vue.js, but I would be cautious currently about the stability and maturity of a lot of the platforms, react included.