What PartNo is the sounder/buzzer on RevC Shield?


I came to this hobby after the RevC was discontinued and before the new Sparkcore was available so I built my own RevC shield. It works fine but for one point, the sounder is pathetic.

I have tried every sounder in my box, I have tried driving them through a transistor in case my Arduino was suspect. The PWM waveform does appear on D3 (not D12) and if you listen carefully you can hear the two startup beeps. My voltage rail is fine. I presume it needs a speaker/sounder and not a buzzer (the distinction being a buzzer generates it’s own tone) because you are driving it with a PWM tone ? That said I have also tried buzzers, they were also rubbish.

I am using the current brewpi-leonardo-revC.hex as my shield is electrical identical to this schematic http://shop.brewpi.com/image/data/brewpi-schield-revc-schematic.png

So I am only left to presume my choice in sounders suck, hence the question, what is the Part No for the sounder you guys were using ?


It is indeed not a self driven buzzer, but a piezo speaker.
Try this: http://www.mouser.ie/ProductDetail/TDK/PS1240P02BT/?qs=sGAEpiMZZMs%2b6Ea5iKw4JnKB8rEmL0Rz

Excellent, thanks for that. Can I also ask under what conditions should I expect noises ? I have so far only noticed the two switch on beeps ?


Correct, we have not implemented the alarm functionality yet.

This brought a smile to my face, I have spent ages trying to find a suitable sounder and the firmware only beeps at power on so far. Opsie.