What to do after pi has been setup?

Hello everyone

I know Elco and Co are probably ridiculously busy, so I thought I’d ask for help from others who have been in the same situation as me.

I’m completely new to Raspberry Pi and BrewPi, so forgive me if my question is stupid.

After I setup the pi as per Elco’s instructions, can someone walk me through what I have to do next to get the Spark connected?

I know Elco is working on a tutorial, but perhaps someone else can help in the mean time.

Happy brewing!

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Do you have the Spark hooked up to one or more RJ11 temperature sensors, and if so then is it also hooked up to one or more actuators (a heating element, a freezer, etc) on the output side? Also, is the Spark connected via USB cable to the Raspberry Pi? And if so what do you see on the screen of the Spark unit? And have you visited the default web page of the RPi from a browser on the same LAN? The answers to these questions will help direct the help you get from the community.