What's in a name?

So I guess Spark is now Particle. http://blog.particle.io/2015/05/13/spark-is-now-particle/

Yep, they changed their name.

I quite like the sound of BrewPi Spark. BrewPi Particle doesn’t sound good.

But actually, I’d like to change the name BrewPi some day too. We are not really dependent on the Pi, we just use it as a web server. BrewPy (as in Python) would at least get rid of some of the confusion how to pronounce it. A lot of Dutch people say Brew Pee.

Anyone have a good idea for a new name? Maybe better sent in a PM, otherwise someone will nick the domain.

I think it’s a great name and your logo is the perfect combination. The Pi’s kind of the thing common link between the Arduino and the Spark/Particle.

When it finally arrives if I can get BrewPi running on C.H.I.P. I’ll stil refer to it as Brewpi, it’ll be the Brewers Walkman!!

I’m with Mikmonken, I’m a fan of BrewPi. It’s a reminder of where it all began as time and technology progresses.

There is something to be said for nostalgia. I named my daughter “Perl.”

I quite like BrewPi and don’t see a pressing need to change the name.

Definitely will need to drop the spark bit though!

I’m surprised nobody has mentioned this new double entendre: “Particle® board”.