What's the trick when using an old beer profile?

For example, today I went to cold crash my beer and tried to use a previous profile that ramped down over three days. I first stopped my 70 F steady control, opened the cold crash profile from my last beer, clicked edit, start now and save. Every time I get “error saving profile.” If I create a new profile and run it it works fine.

Am I missing something?


It is probably a permissions issue on the file. Try running:
sudo bash /home/brewpi/utils/fixPermissions.sh

The profile is probably stored in /var/www/html/data/profiles.
If you run ls -ahl in that directory, it will show you the file permissions/owner.

Thanks. I looked and wasn’t able to find the utils folder. I’ve been using the docker install for my Spark. I just did a reinstall and will see how it goes.

@Elco - so I reran the installation yesterday, first flashing HypriotOS 1.5.0 (1.7.1 didn’t seem to have the deviceinit.yaml file as in the wiki), then doing the docker install of brewpi per the wiki.

I have the BrewPi interface up and running and controlling a cold crash profile, but if I go into the terminal and look in home I see


but I don’t see /home/brewpi or any subdirectories.

Am I doing something incorrectly on the install?

Hi @pennengr,

The file is located inside html_data/profiles as far as I remember.
You can do, while in the html_data dir:

  • “chmod 775 profiles”
  • “chmod 664 profiles/*”

That should get the right to write new files and overwrite old ones.



Thanks Guillaume - I’ll give it a try.

You are looking at the docker host and not inside the container, which is why you cannot find /home/brewpi
All directories containing user data that should not be lost when a container is destroyed are mapped to ~/brewpi-data on the host.

The technical details if you want to know them:
The container creation command creates a volume mapping of /data in the container to ~/brewpi-data on the host (~ is /home/pirate on hypriot).
The container startup script creates 4 symlinks, so all brewpi settings and data are stored in this /data directory which lives outside of the container. So you can either access this data on the host in ~/brewpi-data or inside the cointainer (for example through the container console in portainer) in /home/brewpi and /var/www/html

# create symlinks to persisted data outside of container
ln -s -b /data/settings /home/brewpi/settings
ln -s -b /data/data /home/brewpi/data
ln -s -b /data/logs /home/brewpi/logs
ln -s -b /data/html_data /var/www/html/data

On the host, the profiles are stored in /home/pirate/brewpi-data/html_data/profiles.

Thanks - I was able to get into the container and run fix permissions.

If anyone else is reading through this in the future that lacks Linux skills as I do - go into Portainer (Container tab), click brewpi, and then click console (under Container Status). From there you click connect and can copy and paste Elco’s fix permissions command from earlier in the thread.