When restarting/rebooting, I often see "Script not running". What is correct start sequence?

I have 0.2.10 installed and it has fermented my last brew with success! Great function and now also great looks!

Yesterday I had to move my BrewPi Spark control box out in the garage. I just pulled the powerplug and thus perhaps terminated both Raspberry Pi and the Spark abrubtly. So the first question is - should I perform any shutdown procedure to avoid problems during next startup?

Ok, control box is out in the garage, and power plugged in again. This means that both RPi and Spark boots almost at the same time since the Spark previously was connected to the RPi with the USB-cable. What happen then is that the web page often comes up with “Script Not Running” and if I look at the advanced tab I see that the web interface says “Arduino” instead of Spark. Trying to reboot just the RPi seems to not do any changes,

My latest test showed the following: If I power on the RPi first, and don’t connect the Spark with the USB cable for about 10 seconds, everything comes up fine.

Has anybody else seen similar to this? I will be happy to follow any procedure here :smile:

  • Yes, it is recommended to shut down the raspberry pi correctly to prevent file system corruption, with command sudo shutdown now.
  • Starting the script is down by a cron job that runs every minute. If the script is not running, it will take up to a minute to restart.
  • The web interface defaults to Arduino, unless a spark core is detected. I think we will change this in the future to default to spark.