Where are the brew sessions stored?

So I had some issues with my SD card in the RaspPi. Long story short I ended up with a new RaspPi and SD card. Everything is up and running and I can finally use my BrewPi again. But all my brew sessions are gone. Just wondering where these are saved or located and could I still recover them? Thanks

I find mine here: /var/www/html/data

But where is that actually saved at? And how do I get to it? On the BrewPi, RaspPi? You can probably tell I am very much a noob when it comes to this stuff.

OK. So I guess you are probably trying to copy it using a computer running Windows? If you haven’t done something special with the install. I guess you will find it this way:

Open the folder named “var”. Open the folder named “www”, then “html”, then “data”. Inside that folder you should find one folder for each brew. Copy those to the new SD card and you should be fine.

Good luck!

Yes I am running Windows. But where is this folder “var” located?

My guess is that this tool might help you to read the files on the SD card:

So you are saying that the files are stored on the SD card that goes into the RaspPi?

Yes, the entire raspberry pi filesystem is stored on the SD card. So your brew data is too.
Not all content of the SD card is readable in windows, because it is a linux filesystem. That is why Espen recommended Ext2Read, a program which can handle the file system to copy the files.

The var directory is in the root of the filesystem, but you will have to use a special program to make it accessible in windows.

Ok perfectly clear now, thank you Elco and Espen. Will see what I can do with this info.

You can download .csv files of each brew via the BrewPi web interface. Wouldn’t that be the easiest way?