Wifi connectivity issues

I’m running hypriot and followed the instructions on the wiki. Both the brewpi and portainer containers are shown as “running” via the portainer web interface. The main problem for me is I do not understand the following instructions to run the spark controller via wifi.

Modify settings/config.cfg to use the TCP socket instead of a serial port. Edit the file /home/brewpi/settings/config.cfg and add the following line (assuming the IP address found in step 1 was
port = socket://

I’ve checked the files on the sd card and do not show a readable config.cfg file I can alter. Can someone explain those instructions to me a bit better? I’m lost there.

It was all working earlier in the day with the spark connected through USB to the pi. But it’s no longer working via usb as I’ve been trying to troubleshoot the controller wifi connectivity. Essentially, I need to either be able to get the pi running on wifi or the controller. Currently the pi is on Ethernet and I could not follow the instructions from hypriot to get the pi running via wifi either.

I figured this one out to get the controller running on wifi. To those with the same issue and don’t understand, I did the following to follow the wiki instructions that I did not understand.

Once your containers are running, click on your brewpi container in the portainer web interface. Click on >_Console and connect. Once you’re connected, type
nano /home/brewpi/settings/config.cfg
to bring up the file. Add the line port = socket://
to the bottom, adjust i.p. address to the controllers i.p address, and save the file.
I still cannot run the rpi on wifi while running hypriot but I can leave the rpi on ethernet and have the controller in the garage.

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