Wifi dongle is unstable

I got the Edimax dongle setup, and its working as expected, but its unstablie/looses connection efter some time. I added a ping request in cron every min, to keep it awake. also disabled power management. as described in http://docs.brewpi.com/installing-your-pi/rpi-setup.html#setting-up-wifi
Im not a linux guy, so I dont know where and how to look for a log file, to see what happend, anyone got any ideas?

Happy christmas

A few spots you can look for logs:

  1. Most all logs will exist in /var/log/ (the two to pay attention to are messages and syslog, in this case I think messages might be more useful)
  2. Find the wifiChecker script in the utils dir and see where it is writing the stdout and stderr files and dig through those.

WiFi on the RPi has always been a bit of a PITA, but the dongle you have is pretty solid and should work well.

I hope this helps a bit.


I have found the same with an Edimax dongle and a DrayTEK wireless access point and did the same with a regular ping to keep it alive.
It seemed to get worse over time so I bit the bullet and ran an ethernet cable cable to it and the connection is now rock solid.
Sorry this probably doesn’t help but your not alone.