Wifi GUI in Raspbian non-functional

At this point I have a half-finished installation on my Raspberry Pi.

I followed the documented instructions for network settings (mine are basically the same as in the example code).

I have really poor wifi connectivity. It drops out pretty regularly (using the admix dongle recommended by Elco too). Initially I was able to enter my SSID etc into the GUI in Raspbian over a VNC access but now there is no information in the GUI, and it does nothing but throw error messages when I try and use it. I mean, I can connect to the wifi (LAN connection strong, internet connection shit), but is it unusual that the GUI is now unusable?


No if you’ve installed brewpi in the raspberry pi so long as you’re on the same network you should see the brewpi web interface by typing in the RPIs IP address. What kind of error is it throwing up?

If you are trying to access the RPI from you phone via cell reception though you will need to make sure the your router is set up to port forward.

I do sometimes find the ice weasel is a bit slow and unresponsive in terms of a web browser though if you’re using the stock RPI browser

@mikmonken I was referring to the GUI for wifi within the Raspbian OS. First it was working fine, I setup my SSID etc. then I changed the network/interfaces code and now it doesn’t work. NOT A BIG DEAL though since my wifi works fine, and I can access the Rpi and Bpi just fine, I just found this software issue strange.

Come to think of it mine had the same problem wifi wouldn’t show up in the once I’d made changes to the network file through terminal.

I reverted back to the original network Config and then just assigned a fixed ip through my router it seems to work fine.

I think something changed in the latest version of raspbian