WiFi loss in control panel

So I built a control panel to house all the components of my fermentation chamber, and my raspberry Pi loses all WiFi signal when I close the panel…
Is there any type of antenna or something I can extend out (via a plug in the panel) to get the signal?

A USB extension cable and a WiFi dongle is a cheap solution that likely doesn’t even need any configuration.

Something like this for the antenna thing?
I know about the extension cable and whatnot. Just not sure of the dongle deal

I’m reading I may need a driver CD to install whatever for the extender to work…

The vast majority of wifi dongles will work out of the box - Linux / Raspbian comes with a whole bunch of drivers already installed.

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Any type to look for?
My Raspberry Pi is on my 5ghz network, so i know i need one capable of that, but anything else I need to look for?

Not really. As far as computer components go, they’re really simple - not much room for brands to really make a noticeable difference.

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Is your control box made of metal? Sounds like you made a Faraday cage.

Another option is to use the wired network port on the pi and something that receives WiFi and provides wired network. Or put only the Spark in the box and the pi out of the box and connect them with usb.

It is metal…
Im hoping the dongle works as the needed components are en route already.
I thought of leaving the pi outside, but that defeats the purpose of the enclosure I was going for.