Will the script run if No Arduino is connected?

I have not yet received my Arduino and I am just trying to bore clean the process as much as I can so I am ready for it when it comes.

My script does not start and in the stderr file I am getting serial port connection errors. I assume that this is because my arduino is not connected. But should t his cause the script to exit or is something else causing this script to close?


Well, the script runs on the arduino. So…

Sorry I was not clear or perhaps I do t fully understand how this works. Here is my understanding.

What is running on the arduino is not a script. It is code compiled into a binary image for whatever microcontroller you happen to have on your arduino.

The script I am referring to is the brewpi python script which runs on the raspberry pi or Linux box. It pulls data from the temp control routine running on the arduino and generates a web interface to display graphs etc.

If I am confused please set me straight.

Thank you.

wbarber69 is wrong and you are right. The script will exit if it cannot find the Arduino/Spark, so the answer is no.