Wireguard installation error

After succesfully upgrading the raspberry pi and brewblox-ctl i intended to install the wireguard software.
I followed the instructions as mentioned in the documentation and noticed that errors were produced.

Powershell dump in attachment.

powershell_04 dump.txt (4.2 KB)

It looks like it again fails to resolve addresses.
Are the custom nameservers still listed in the config files?

If you’re running a Pi-Hole, go to its web interface, and disable DNSSEC.

In your router’s web API, try setting the DNS IP to

How can i test if pi-hole is installed. I cannot remember that i have installed this intentionaly.

What i noticed is that the file sudo nano /etc/resolv.conf is losing the added settings after a reboot/restart of the raspberry pi

I also noticed that other nameserver are already part of the configuration. Do i have to remove those? Do i add your nameserver in the beginning instead of the end of the file?

Actual content of the file is

Generated by resolvconf

domain lan
search lan Ubify.be

Then you don’t have it.

The primary fix is to set the DNS server property in your router. If it can be resolved here, the resolv.conf change is not required.