Wiring Diagram control panel

I’ve had my Spark for quite some time now, but due to a whole lot of reasons I’ve never gotten around to start building my new brewery (I come from a Grainfather system).

I’ve sourced quite some components already, mostly from the BrewPi store and now that we’ve started renovations on our house, it’s a good time to start building the control panel for the new 20G HERMS system as well.

I’ve read an awful lot on The Electric Brewery and incorporated their wiring into my “design”, but there are some issues where I’d like some input on.

This is my preliminary drawing (I’ve left out wiring for GND for simplicities sake…), red is Hot/Live, black is Neutral, the one blue “wire” is a OneWire connection from the Spark to the SSR Expansion board. Pumps won’t be controlled by the Spark (yet).

First off: where do I wire up the fuses for both element outputs?

Second: SSR’s tend to fail open, thus in The Electric Brewery they are interrupted by a contactor, is there any need for this in the setup with a Spark?

Lastly, and unrelated to the rest of my post: any chance of a countdown widget in Brewblox? Maybe even tied in to the Quick Actions…

A countdown widget is currently sort of in progress: we gave it to the intern as a good first issue to familiarize himself with the UI. For now you could also use the stopwatch widget.

For electrical advice you’ll need @Elco.

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